About Westco

Westco Educational Products Staff


Founded in 2011, Westco is an educational music instrument wholesale company, with emphasis on the school specialty market. Our roots run deep in the music instrument industry spanning over 75 years of experience. Through our experience, we identified a need for better quality musical products suitable for the youngest players.

Westco sets new, higher standards for quality, safety, value and musicality. We partner with manufacturers who are equally invested in our vision, stressing family values, integrity, and strong business practices. We have visited the factories of all of our global partners to evaluate how our products are made, and we continue to strengthen those relationships daily.

In addition to our strengths at building lasting business partnerships, our staff members also possess a range of talent as musicians, educators and parents to provide expert feedback on every instrument we choose to develop or add to our line.

Over the years, we have expanded our product offerings beyond the school market to also service early education, seniors, music therapy, and retail toy stores.  Thanks to all of our customer partners, Westco is a growing and successful company dedicated to raising industry benchmarks and providing quality musical experiences for every user of our products.



At Westco, we strive for new product innovations to keep our catalog appropriate for today’s market. We look for and develop products that meet our high expectations of quality, safety, and musicality.
As a customer, your input is essential in assuring the success of product sell through and customer satisfaction. Our goal is to create a collection that meets your goals of product selection, price point, and margin potential.
Cross-curricular experiences create a higher level of engagement, and we believe our products can enhance a wide variety of learning situations.
Working with the end user in mind, we will partner with you to select products specific to your market needs and customers.
Working together to realize shared goals – together we can make a difference.



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All products in our catalog may be purchased individually or as a part of pre-built kits. We can also work together to build a custom kit specifically for you! Contact a Westco sales representative for details.


  • Freight allowances to assist you with shipping costs.
  • Pay your invoice early and receive an additional discount.
  • Include Westco quality instruments in your catalog for a year-end rebate. (Rules and conditions apply.)
  • Ask a sales representative how you can partner with Westco to ensure your best possible performance!


At Westco, product safety is very important to us. We strive to assure we are compliant with all necessary safety regulations and test our products accordingly. Ask us about safety testing documents or clarification on any of our products. Some products carried in this catalog are designed to be used by adults or under adult supervision. These items are specifically noted throughout the catalog.